Cummins employees to help beautify Seymour

Cummins and the Jackson County United Way are partnering for the 6th Annual Seymour Community Work Day on Friday.

Organizers say this day will see 140 volunteers out in force participating in 21 teams. The focus throughout Jackson County will be on seniors who might need some light landscaping, painting and other tasks that they themselves are not able to do. Approximately 50 projects are slated to be completed with 32 from county seniors and a couple projects were carried over from the United Way’s Day of Caring.

United Way officials are celebrating their partnership with Cummins. Tonja Couch, JCUW Executive Director, says, “We are blessed with the partnership of Cummins. They’ve been an important partner in the opportunity to grow our volunteerism so rapidly.”

If you want to volunteer with Jackson County United Way, call (812) 522-5450.