CPD officer recognized for anti-drug efforts

Sgt Ben Goodin; photo courtesy of Columbus Police Dept.

A Columbus police sergeant has been recognized for his efforts in combating drug impaired driving. Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus Police Department, says that Sgt. Ben Goodin received the 2017 Indiana Drug Recognition Expert of the Year award at a banquet held in Hamilton County. Harris adds that the Columbus Police Department also received the Agency Leadership Award for their drug impaired driving enforcement efforts.

Sgt. Goodin stated “It is important to have DRE’s available due to the increased number of drug impaired drivers on our streets and highways.” “If we did not have officers specifically trained to detect drug impaired driving, there would a greater risk to the public for vehicle crashes” Goodin added. CPD Chief Jonathan Rohde added “Keeping impaired drivers off the road is a priority for our officers.” “I am proud of Sgt. Goodin’s initiative and focus on helping keep our roads safe.”

Goodin, who is one of two drug recognition experts on the Columbus Police Department, says that the number of DRE evaluations he administered for drug impaired driving nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017. Harris notes that the department is expected to send two additional officers off to DRE training later this year.