Community asked again to rate welcomeness

Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County is again asking for your thoughts on how welcoming of a community Columbus is.

The is the third welcoming community survey by the community foundation since the Welcoming Community Initiative started in 2004. Community leaders at the time highlighted the importance of nurturing a diverse community where everyone could feel welcome.

The initial 2004 survey found Columbus to be generally welcoming but there were groups that found it less friendly – including those new to the community or young people. After a second study in 2011, the community has instituted several efforts at welcomeness including: Columbus Young Professionals,CAMEO, diversity panels in area schools, the Women’s Giving Circle, and the African American Fund of Bartholomew County.

You can take the survey through Oct. 5th. You can find links to the survey at, on the Heritage Fund Facebook page, or paper copies are available at the Heritage Fund offices, the Bartholomew County Public Library and Mill Race Center.