Columbus Police Officer recognized

A Columbus Police Officer received a letter of commendation Tuesday from Chief Jonathan Rohde for his actions in helping a Columbus family earlier this month. Lt. Matt Harris, department spokesman, says that Officer Frank Dickman, a seven year veteran, responded to a report of a toddler wandering around a Columbus apartment complex unsupervised. After speaking with the child’s mother, Dickman learned that she was intending to purchase door alarms but was unable to do so until she received a paycheck. A supervisor later discovered that Dickman purchased the door alarms and delivered them to the family.

Chief Rohde stated in the commendation letter to Dickman, “not only did you take it upon yourself to make the child safe, but you did so without asking for any recognition and spent your own money to do so.” “In addition, when I was made aware of your actions during this call, I communicated to you the desire to recognize you in front of the Board of Public Works and Safety and you declined to be recognized.” “I commend you for your selfless actions and applaud your commitment to serving the citizens of Columbus.”