Columbus officials approve changes to sign ordinance

It was a full day of meetings Monday as the city of Columbus worked to update its sign ordinance. The Bartholomew County Plan Commission, city plan commission, then city council met in separate meetings to discuss proposed changes. Melissa Begley, with city-county planning, explains that the ordinance is being addressed due to a U.S. Supreme Court decision, Reed vs. Town of Gilbert.


Begley explains that the court’s decision is based on the fact that government cannot limit non-commercial speech based on content.

Begley says those specific standards include the number of signs, their height and other aspects. She adds that this is the first step in taking a broader look at the city’s sign ordinance…


City council members voted to suspend the rules and pass the ordinance changes on first reading. The vote was 5-0. Council members Laurie Booher and Tim Shuffett were not present for the vote.