Columbus movie making return to Yes Cinema

The Columbus movie will be returning to Yes Cinema for a one-week long engagement.

The not for profit theater on Jackson Street downtown is operated by the Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center. Randy Allman with the family center explains that this is the one-year anniversary of the film’s local premiere.

The first showing of the film in its re-release will be at 6:30  p.m. Friday evening, Aug. 31st. That will be surrounded by special activities including an event at the Inn at Irwin Gardens and the showing of deleted scenes and other extras. Allman says.

There will also be $10 tickets for a drawing to win a Columbus-themed gift basket. That includes dinner at Henry Social Club, a stay at the Irwin Gardens, tickets for the upcoming Yes film fest and more.

Allman says last year’s run was the best-selling movie in Yes Cinema history.

All proceeds from movies and concessions sold at Yes Cinema, as well as the Columbus movie related fundraisers, go to benefit the Lincoln Central Neighborhood Center on 10th and Sycamore streets. Allman explains:

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