Columbus city salary study nears completion

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop says that we are closing in on having an idea whether the city is fairly compensating its employees.

The city is undergoing a comprehensive review of what city government employees are paid compared to their peers.

The mayor says that initial indications are that the city is at about 90 percent of where it The mayor said the review has been a lengthy process because while employees in different cities may have the same job title, their duties could be different.


The mayor says it is important for the city to be competitive in the job marketplace so that it can retain good employees to do the people’s business.

Most years, the city council simply approves an across the board cost of living raise to the pay ranges of city employees.

Lienhoop said he hopes to have a presentation before the city council by next month. City Council meets at 6 p.m. tonight at Columbus City Hall.