Cleanup continues after flood

State officials continue dealing with the fallout from the flooding that struck much of Indiana last month. Beginning February 15th, heavy rain and storms occurred, causing many rivers in Indiana to overflow their banks. County-level response continues in the southern portion of the state, as flood waters continue to move south and impact communities. The State Emergency Operations Center remains available for coordination and resource support.

As flood waters recede, property damage assessments are underway throughout the state, especially in northern counties. State and local teams continue to conduct assessments and gather information, which began February 28th. Teams from the American Red Cross are also assisting in damage assessment efforts. Assessments will continue in each county, until complete, at which time teams will continue to other affected counties.

Governor Eric Holcomb has issued a disaster declaration due to flooding that currently includes 31 Indiana counties. That declaration included Jackson County. State officials say that they have supplied a number of counties with doses of tetanus vaccine. Again, this includes Jackson County.

State officials remind residents in affected counties who suffered an uninsured loss to report it. That can be done online at