Candidates for Statehouse District 59 talk about goals for the area

Seven candidates, five Republicans and two Democrats, are actively campaigning to win the District 59 seat at the Statehouse being vacated by retiring Rep. Milo Smith of Columbus. The district covers most of Bartholomew County. Mary Kohen and Dale Nowlin are running in the Democratic primary. We asked them about what actions they would specifically like to see taken to improve the lives of those who live and work in the district.

Kohen says the opioid epidemic is what initially drew her into the race.

Nowlin says he’s interested in doing what his constituents want. A big concern, he says, is education.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face the winner of the Republican primary being contested between Lew Wilson, JoAnne Flohr, Ryan Lauer, John Counceller, and Allen Smith. Benjamin Chastain is also on the Republican ballot, but he is not actively campaigning.

Counceller says that improving infrastructure and education is important.

Flohr says it’s important to “listen and observe.”

05-02 Election JoAnne Flohr Q3 RAW

Wilson says that improved educational opportunities lead to improved economic conditions for everyone.

05-02 Election LEW WILSON Q3 raw

Lauer says we must look out for the most vulnerable among us…

Smith says that education and job-training is key.

05-02 Election Allan Smith Q3 RAW

The primary election is May 8th.