BCSC works on plans to prevent school violence

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools are not the only system to be affected by the recent surge in threats and perceived threats against schools.

Superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts explains that nationwide there are normally about 10 threats per day at a school. Since the Florida school shootings, there have been 70 a day.

BCSC has had two threatening incidents at Columbus East High School since the Florida school shootings and on incident where a teacher brought a rifle to school in his truck.

Roberts said some community members raised concerns about BCSC school safety at a school board meeting last month.

Roberts said that the school board held an executive session on Friday to address those concerns.

The results of that meeting will be presented to the community at the March 26th school board meeting, which will be held at CSA New Tech High School on 25th street. School board meetings start at 6:30 p.m.