BCSC urges safety and care after student’s death

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation is taking steps to insure that its students are safe after the unfortunate death of CSA Lincoln Elementary student Savanna Jessie. Superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts says that the school corporation “makes up one part of the community’s responsibility to keep our children healthy throughout the year.”

Roberts says that BCSC has contacted Dr. Roy Goode, the corporation physician, the Bartholomew County Health Department and the Indiana State Department of Health. He says that although there is no reporting requirement regarding illness rates until the absence rate reaches 20 percent, and BCSC rate hovers around five-percent, school officials want to share important information about the spread of germs. That includes:

– contacting your primary care provider when your child displays flu-like symptoms;
– students and staff members who are sick should stay home;
– students and staff members are encouraged to get the flu vaccine;
– students and staff members should be vigilant in taking everyday preventive actions, like hand washing;

Roberts says that BCSC respects parents’ decisions on keeping their children home, but he stresses that they will need to keep school officials appraised of any absences.