Baggie discovered in suspect’s stomach

North Vernon police say that a surgeon recovered a plastic baggie with an unknown substance from a suspect’s stomach. Police have asked that the contents of the baggie betested.

In an incident last week, 26-year-old Justin W. Jarrell was arrested Tuesday, accused of  resisting law enforcement and obstruction of justice by destroying evidence.

Police say that Jarrell refused to pull over for a traffic stop. Police took Jarrell to the Jennings County Jail, but a short time later, he became ill and admitted to swallowing three grams of methamphetamine. He was taken to St. Vincent Jennings Hospital where he vomited up a baggie, allegedly containing drugs.

He was then taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianpaolis where the additional baggie was discovered, according to police reports.

Officers recovered the plastic bag with an unidentified substance from medical staff after if was removed from Mr. Jarrell’s stomach on Wednesday evening. A laboratory request has been made to identify the substance. Additional charges may be pending the identification of the substance.