ASAP takes steps to become a nonprofit corporation

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress in Bartholomew County has announced plans to better serve the community. The Substance Abuse and Advisory Accountability Committee met Thursday and approved plans to establish ASAP as a nonprofit corporation. Jeff Jones, ASAP executive director, explains that the local drug problem is not going away anytime soon. With that, he explains that there needs to be a more permanent presence, as well as a hub to help those suffering from addiction.

09-28 JEFF JONES-2

ASAP is seeking nearly $503,000 in funding from the city of Columbus and Bartholomew County to set up a hub location at the former United Way office complex in the Doug Otto Center. That money would be used to rent the approximately 2,700 square foot space, as well pay for permanent staffing. Jones explained that between the new ASAP and the hub, four full-time employees and one part-time employee would be needed, along with volunteers.

The Substance Abuse Public Funding Board will consider the request when it meets on Oct. 15th. If approved there, both the city and county councils would need to give their approval before any money is spent.