Area landlords hit back at proposed ordinance

Landlords in Columbus are protesting a proposed city ordinance requiring a registry of landlords and local contacts for their properties. Brad Grayson is president of the Bartholomew County Landlord Association, representing approximately one-thousand landlords in our area.

Grayson says that other big concerns include safety and privacy of the landlord. He explains that landlords sometime have to evict tenants or turn away applicants. By having a database on file of landlord addresses in one place, that information could be compromised and threaten the safety of not only the landlord, but their family and neighbors as well.

Grayson says that the proposed ordinance “government intrusion” that goes against the city’s stated goal of providing for additional affordable housing units in Columbus.

Grayson expands on these “bullies”…

Grayson adds that there will be a large contingent of landlords at Tuesday night’s council meeting to speak out against this proposed ordinance.

Tuesday night’s council meeting begins at 6 p.m. inside city hall.