Indiana DNR Offering a Special Program for Woodland Owners

Photo courtesy of the Indiana Forestry and Woodland Owners Association (IFWOA).


If you live in Indiana and own more than ten acres of woodlands, then you may want to consider enrolling in The Classified Forest and Wildlands Program, which is offered through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“Once enrolled in our program, you get a reduced property tax assessment,” says Gretchen Herbaugh, District Forester with Indiana DNR serving southwestern Indiana.

“Property can be anything from forest ground to native grasses to pollinator habitats to wildlife food plots—we span a large range of habitat types and management styles,” she says.

Herbaugh says there are additional benefits to being part of the program.

“You’ll also get periodic inspections by one of our district foresters,” she says. “You’ll get a visit every seven years from our district foresters to help you manage your property, make decisions based on how your property is looking, and  what your management goals are.”

What kind of assistance will a district forester provide?

“When we come out, we’ll walk through the property with you and help guide you. If you’re looking into forest management or having a timber sale, we will help get you started on that path. We will also help with any funding through cost-share programs, such as USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service programs or FSA programs, tree-planting plans for you, and any other wildlife or forest management goals.”

To learn more about enrolling in The Classified Forest and Wildlands Program, click HERE to contact the District Forester in your region.

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