The Thrive Alliance and city officials want to set the record straight about a proposed project aimed at addressing Columbus’ homeless problem. Mark Lindenlaub with Thrive Alliance took part in Thursday night’s forum at the Roby and America Anderson Community Center on the city’s east side. He says that there have been false reports in the media that mis-characterize the proposed project, which would likely be housed at the Victory Church at 17th Street and Home Avenue.

Lindenlaub explains that the “Housing First” model allows people to have a place to live, which would then enable residents to address other issues. He says that currently, most renters require to you have any personal issues resolved before they will consider renting to you.

Lindenlaub talks about the focus of the proposed project.

Area residents turned out to express concerns about the proposal. Many argued that, while there needs to be a solution, the location under consideration isn’t a good fit. Lindenlaub says that an in-depth presentation will be presented to the community on the evening of Nov. 6th. A location for that meeting has not yet been established.

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