: Shillue 11/17/2017 Third Hour

Nov 17, 2017 41

The third hour of the Tom Shillue Radio Show on FOX News Talk!

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From Washington: Bureaucrats Behaving Badly

Nov 17, 2017 39

FOX News Radio’s National Correspondent Jared Halpern along with a team of FOX News reporters & contributors look at the week that was inside the beltway.


Both political parties deal with growing sexual misconduct allegations.

The Senate has approved a resolution making sexual harassment training mandatory for all Senators and staff. FOX’s Rachel Sutherland spoke with Virginia Republican Representative Barbara Comstock and Democratic Representative Jackie Speier to discuss.

There have been countless calls in the last few weeks for the Ethics Committees of the House and Senate to look into these sexual misconduct allegations. FOX’s Senior Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram ……READ MORE

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: How You Can Help

Nov 17, 2017 27

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria left behind a trail of destruction lives were lost and damages are in the hundreds of billions. It could take years for many of the affected areas in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico to get back on their feet. But in times of hardship, many ordinary folks answered the call to help and continue to do extraordinary things to help rebuild.

Here are ways for you to help:

Hurricane Harvey Families

A matchmaking service looking for folks to “adopt” families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Help is needed for the holiday season!


Sailors Helping

A group of sailors ……READ MORE

(AUDIO) Tom Shillue: Why Are Democrats Finally Turning On Bill Clinton? They Don’t Need Him Anymore …

Nov 17, 2017 32

The Left is now piling on Bill Clinton and his record of misconduct. But isn’t it way too late?

Earlier this week, Tom Shillue addressed the Democrats finally throwing Bill Clinton under the bus. However, he doesn’t think they suddenly “see the light” on Clinton’s troubling history.

He simply believes the Democrats have lost their use for the Clintons and it’s safe to go after him.



Celebrate a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Nov 17, 2017 19

From the best way to cook ahead of Thanksgiving to the best salt to use, hear from the experts. Chef Jacques Pepin, Milk Street’s Chris Kimball and author Karen Page share holiday table tips.

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from Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes and Simple Pleasures from Our Kitchen to Your Table by Gabriele Corcos, Debi Mazar

Patate gratinate

Makes 6 servings

There is one thing about potato gratin: It can’t be rushed. Set aside some time to make ……READ MORE

Todd Starnes Show – 11/17/2017

Nov 17, 2017 8

The ACLU is defending a Muslim basketball player who disrupted the national anthem by shooting hoops. They say it’s against Islamic teachings to stand for the national anthem. Maybe the basketball player would be more at home playing in another country – like Iran or Saudi Arabia.


George Weigel and Pope John Paul II

Nov 17, 2017 6

Inside the Vatican. Pope John Paul the Second was probably the most beloved pontiff in the modern era… He died in 2005. Author and Catholic intellectual George Weigel knew him personally, and was asked by the pontiff himself to write his biography. Weigel now believes his whole life may have been in Providential preparation for the undertaking. In this Lighthouse Faith Podcast, Weigel talks about this third installment of chronicling John Paul’s life; about how it’s much more personal for him. In ‘Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul the Second, ” he recounts ……READ MORE

Andrea McArdle: The Original Little Orphan Annie

Nov 17, 2017 19

In this episode, the Broadway star Andrea McArdle stops by to talk about the little red-headed orphan she made famous 40 years ago. With her big distinct voice, Andrea brought an edge and a softness to the title character that’s been emulated by every girl who’s played Annie in the award-winning musical ever since.

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Andrea provides some rare insight in how she landed the role. We’ll find out she was actually the first actress to audition for the part, but strangely ……READ MORE

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