A new proposal in the Legislature would let a Columbus Ricker’s store continue to sell cold beer until the end of the year when its liquor license expires.

According to our news-gathering partners at Network Indiana, the latest draft leaves Ricker’s permits for restaurant/convenience store combos in Sheridan and Columbus intact until they expire at year’s end. They could extend their carryout beer privileges, but only till April 1.

Ricker’s owner Jay Ricker tells Network Indiana that if legislators pass the bill, he’ll urge Governor Holcomb to veto it. He complains the bill specifically targets his business by limiting only permits issued since November, when he received the first of his two permits.

Further he said the proposal doesn’t specifically call for a review of alcohol laws and there is no time to get one done by April 1st.

New applicants for carryout privileges would have to show that 60-percent of their alcohol sales are for consumption at the restaurant itself, a standard likely to exclude non-traditional restaurants like the Ricker’s burrito eateries.

House speaker Brian Bosma says is unclear whether there are enough votes to pass it.