Recovered ginseng. Photo courtesy of IDNR conservation officers.

Indiana conservation officers are warning that it is illegal to harvest ginseng out of season. That’s after two men were arrested in Jennings and Jefferson counties this week and accused of the crime, along with other offenses.

Indiana State Police stopped a vehicle near Dupont Wednesday and allegedly found 3 pounds of green ginseng, methamphetamine and untaxed liquor.

State authorities including state police, excise officers and conservation officers searched the home of the driver, 67 year-old Daniel D. Craig of Dupont. He was taken to the Jennings County jail on charges including possession of ginseng out of season, theft of ginseng, transporting untaxed liquor, possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, trespassing and cultivating marijuana.

Recovered marijuana. Photo courtesy of IDNR conservation officers.

Based on information from that search, on Thursday, officials interviewed 32-year-old Jacob Smith of Dupont. A search of his home allegedly uncovered more ginseng, along with a coyote pup and a whiskey still. Police say that they also discovered stolen property, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, marijuana plants, and untaxed liquor.

He was taken to the Jefferson County Jail and is facing preliminary charges including possession of ginseng, possession of a wild animal without a permit, possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, cultivating marijuana, possession of stolen property, having unlicensed still equipment and possession of untaxed liquor.

Whiskey still. Photo courtesy of IDNR conservation officers.

Conservation officers say that ginseng can only be lawfully harvested in Indiana starting on September 1 of each year through December 31. Ginseng must be sold prior to the beginning of the following year.

Conservation officers encourage you  to contact 1-800-TIP-IDNR or their central dispatch at 812-873-9536 to report any ginseng violations.