Cummins has announced plans to reveal electrified power technology for transit bus applications at the APTA public transportation show opening in Atlanta on Monday.

Cummins officials say the company will display a new powertrain, configurable for either a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a range extended electric vehicle (REEV) incorporating a compact engine-generator. Cummins says that these systems are ideally suited for integration into transit, shuttle and commuter buses. With the bus operating in battery-only mode, they say the system achieves zero emissions at the point of use.

“The introduction of our new BEV and REEV systems will complement Cummins’ clean-diesel, near-zero natural gas and diesel-hybrid products to offer the broadest, most energy-diverse power portfolio in the bus industry. We are able to meet the needs of every transit route, every duty cycle and every emissions standard in the most cost-effective manner,” said Julie Furber, Executive Director, Electrification Business, Cummins Inc.

Compared to the standard diesel-powered bus, Cummins says the REEV 4.5-liter engine is downsized by about 50 percent in terms of displacement and can achieve up to 10 miles per gallon, significantly lowering the carbon footprint. A power assist function is available from the battery pack whenever the system needs additional energy.