Crime victims: Alabama is wrong to post personal info online

Apr 23, 2017 8

Crime victims are calling for personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers to be removed from Alabama’s court records website.

They say that information should remain private in order to keep them safe from their perpetrators.

A review of by The Associated Press found the full names, home addresses, telephone numbers and other information of rape victims as well as children who have been molested.

Experts say it can be dangerous for victims to have their personal information online, and that sexual assault victims may be reluctant to report crimes if they know they’re giving up their privacy.

State officials say they don’t have the manpower to review every document filed online, and that court clerks aren’t responsible for doing so.

Oregon deputy, bystander save woman's life after she collapses in store

Apr 23, 2017 13

Quick thinking by a Marion County Deputy and two citizens may have saved the life of a woman who collapsed at Keizer Station Friday afternoon. 

Deputies say around 12:50 p.m. Friday, Deputy Mike Beach was getting ready to eat lunch at a local restaurant at the Keizer Station. They say a man approached him telling him someone had collapsed at Game Stop, the business next door.

At the same time, Dee Ann White of Falls City had been outside the store waiting for her son who was inside at the time. 

“All the sudden they go running into Game Stop and I go ‘oh my god what is going on with my son’,” White said.

She says her son has Aspergers, so she rushed inside to see what was happening.

“My son was frozen stiff, he could not move and this lady was on the floor and the police officer turned her over and she was all gray.”

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The deputy began CPR to try and revive the woman. That’s when White asked to help.

“My first thought was how am I going to do this because I have chronic pain,” White said. 

She adds that didn’t seem to matter. She began doing chest compressions on the woman, hoping and praying she would begin breathing again.

“It was just one of those things where you just do it, you know, it was like a total impulse you just do it,” White said. 

Deputy Beach and White worked together for several minutes, alternating chest compressions until paramedics arrived.

“He was going to make this girl live,” White said. “It was like, I’m going right with him.”

As the minutes ticked by White says she wasn’t sure the young woman was going to make it.

“At that point, we were doing about 10-15 minutes and she never, she never did regain any kind of heartbeat,” White said. 

To the Falls City woman’s surprise Saturday morning she learned the 30-year old woman had come back to life.

“Neither one of us thought that she would regain consciousness,” White said. “I couldn’t believe she was alive.”

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Illinois college student killed in freak accident during track and field meet

Apr 23, 2017 12

A college student was killed on Saturday during a track and field meet in suburban Chicago.

Friends gathered at a vigil at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill.  said the student was named Ethan Roser. 

They said Roser was killed during a track and field event hosted by Wheaton College on Saturday afternoon.

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Witnesses said Roser was hit in the head with a “hammer,” which is a heavy metal ball attached to a thin wire. In men’s events, the hammer weighs 16 pounds. In women’s, it weighs almost 9 pounds. It is not clear which type of hammer was involved in the tragic accident.

Friends said that Roser was a freshman on the soccer team. He was volunteering at the meet.

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Anger as footage of Cleveland Facebook killer shooting dead man remains online

Apr 23, 2017 16

A shocking video of a grandfather being shot dead was still available on Facebook last night – a week after it was posted.

Maniac Steve Stephens filmed himself murdering innocent Robert Godwin, 74, on Easter Sunday and uploaded the sick clip to the social network.

Stephens, 37, shot himself dead on Tuesday while on the run from cops in Pennsylvania, USA.

Last night, the Sun on Sunday found his graphic footage could still be viewed on Facebook – despite the social network’s claims it had been removed.

Robert Godwin Jr, 48, son of the slain victim, said: “I just don’t understand why they haven’t taken it down.

“I don’t know what the process of taking it down is – I just know I want that video gone.

“I have to relive it every day – so I wish it would just go away.

“It is so hard having this constant reminder for my family and all the people who cared about my father and have love in their hearts.”

Choking back tears, he added: “It hurts us.”

In the 30-second clip, killer Stephens can be heard growling “Found me somebody I’m about to kill…this old dude” before brutally executing Godwin in the street in Cleveland, Ohio.

This week it was the top result when Facebook users searched for “RIP Robert Godwin” and “Steve Stephens shooting”.

MPs and politicians called on Facebook to do more to police what gets uploaded to the site.

LibDem home affairs spokesman and ex-senior Met police chief Brian Paddick said Facebook had “a responsibility and duty of care in setting the standards for a civilised society”.

He said: “This video shows total insensitivity for the tragic death of this innocent man. It must be unbearably traumatic for the victim’s family.

“Facebook should be doing everything they can to make sure it is taken down and not shared across its platforms. This is about dignity and respect and they cannot be allowed to continue with this hands-off approach.”

Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke said: “It is always difficult to monitor millions of things being uploaded but this case is very high profile.

“It shows a complete lack of corporate governance and care by Facebook to allow the video to still appear on its system.

“You would expect them to act with immediacy with something as high profile as this.

“It clearly shouldn’t be on there and you would expect them to act with immediacy and it raises bigger questions about their corporate governance.

“History has always shown that companies with poor corporate governance suffer in the long run.”

Stephens, who worked for a behavioural health agency, uploaded the clip, titled “Easter day slaughter”, to Facebook on Sunday shortly after the shooting.

The video shows him approaching Godwin and asking the elderly man to repeat his ex-girlfriend’s name, saying: “Can you say Joy Lane? She’s the reason this is about to happen to you.”

The killer brandishes his gun as Godwin tries to shield his head with a plastic bag, pleading: “I don’t know anybody by that name.”

Stephens then pulls the trigger.

In a second Facebook video he claimed to have killed more than a dozen other people, adding: “Like I said, I killed 13, so I’m working on 14 as we speak.”

He also claimed he was motivated to kill after breaking up with Joy, who he dated for three years.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted on Tuesday that his firm had more to do over the issue of violent videos.

Cops had offered a $50,000 reward for Stephens.

They traced his phone to Pennsylvania following the killing.

They received a tip-off Stephens’ car was in a McDonald’s car park in Erie, but he sped off before turning his weapon on himself.

In rambling messages, Stephens claimed he snapped over gambling debts and breaking up with his girlfriend.

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Man attacked by two pit bulls as he tries to save Jack Russell terrier

Apr 23, 2017 15

A pit bull attack leaving both a man and his Jack Russell terrier severely injured was caught on camera.

We want to warn you that some viewers might find the video hard to watch.

The man who was viciously attacked by two pit bulls while trying to save his little dog spoke to FOX 11 about his terrifying ordeal.

The incident happened on a dock at Catalina Island. The victim’s daughter said her dad was walking his Jack Russell terrier when two un-leashed pit bulls attacked.

The victim threw himself on his dog to protect him, but then the pit bulls started attacking the man.

The agitated dogs turned on their owner, a woman seen in the video sitting down on the dock.

The male victim and his dog both needed emergency surgery to repair deep gashes across their bodies, and the owner has agreed to euthanize her pit bulls.

A gofundmepage has been set up to help pay for medical and vet bills.

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Texas athlete dies during swimming portion of Ironman competition

Apr 23, 2017 15

A Texas man died Saturday during the swimming portion of an ironman event, authorities said.

Montgomery County officials identified the man as Glen Breummer, 54, the Houston Chronicle reported. Breummer was competing in the Memorial Hermann Ironman in The Woodlands. He competing in the swimming portion of the event when he became “distressed” and needed help in the water.

Constable Chief Deputy Matt Rodrique told the paper that several spectators dove into the water to help Breummer and he was “retrieved within less than a minute.” Breummer was transferred to The Woodlands Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

 “We are deeply saddened to confirm the death of one of our athletes at today’s IRONMAN North American Championship Texas triathlon,” IRONMAN officials said in a statement. “The athlete required medical attention during the swim portion of Saturday’s race and was transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated. Our condolences go out to the athlete’s family and friends, whom we have been in contact with and will continue to support.”

Police were still determining the cause of death.

It was Breummer’s seventh ironman competition, his family said.

More than 2,600 athletes competed in the event, according to KHOU-TV.

1 dead after train strikes 2 men in Virginia

Apr 23, 2017 18

Police in Virginia say a man is dead after he and another man were hit by a CSX train.

Fredericksburg Police say officials responded to the incident around 3:25 a.m. Saturday. Police say two men were taken to the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries after being struck in Fredericksburg.

Police say one of the men died at the hospital. The other person remains in critical condition at a hospital in Richmond.

Police say an investigation is underway.

US carrier heading for Korea trains with Japanese destroyers

Apr 22, 2017 20

An American aircraft carrier heading toward the Korean Peninsula is conducting a joint exercise with Japanese naval ships in the Philippine Sea.

The U.S. Navy said in a statement that two Japanese destroyers joined the USS Carl Vinson carrier and two other U.S. warships Sunday as they continued their journey north in the western Pacific Ocean.

The Vinson canceled a scheduled visit to Australia to divert toward North Korea in a show of force, though it still conducted a curtailed training exercise with Australia before doing so.

Two Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers left Sasebo port in southern Japan on Friday to join the Vinson strike group. The U.S. group also includes a guided-missile cruiser and a guided-missile destroyer.

The exercise is designed to improve maritime response and defense capabilities.

UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit

Apr 22, 2017 16

The University of California at Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter to speak on campus are threatening to sue the university if it doesn’t find a proper time and venue for the conservative pundit to speak next week.

Harmeet Dhillon, who represents the Berkeley College Republicans, said in letters sent Friday to UC Berkeley’s Interim Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton and chief attorney Christopher Patti that if Coulter is not allowed to give a speech on campus on April 27 she will file a lawsuit in federal court because the university is violating the students’ constitutional right to free speech.

“It is a sad day indeed when the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, is morphing before our eyes into the cemetery of free speech on college campuses,” wrote Dhillon, a committeewoman to the Republican National Convention for California and former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party.

Berkeley officials on Tuesday informed the Berkeley College Republicans and the nonpartisan BridgeUSA, which organized the Coulter event, that it was being cancelled due to security concerns.

The cancellation comes after a series of violent clashes this year on campus and in downtown Berkeley between far-right and far-left protesters who come armed with pepper spray, Molotov cocktails, brass knuckles and soda cans filled with concrete.

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks said that police have “very specific intelligence regarding threats that could pose a grave danger to the speaker,” her audience and protesters if the event goes ahead next Thursday.

Officials offered an afternoon event on May 2, when they can offer an “appropriate, protectable venue” but Coulter rejected it, saying she is not available that day. She also tweeted, “THERE ARE NO CLASSES AT BERKELEY THE WEEK OF MAY 2.” The period is known as Dead Week, when students are studying for final exams.

Dhillon said the university offered eight possible venues for the event students had planned to take place between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. but then abruptly cancelled the event.

Patti said in a letter to Dhillon that university police and officials have determined neither the group’s free speech nor the safety of the university’s 36,000 students can be safeguarded on April 27.

Coulter has vowed to speak at Berkeley on that date.

Man, 71, faces attempted murder charge in stepson's shooting

Apr 22, 2017 17

A 71-year-old Florida man has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of his step-son.

The Orlando Sentinel ( ) reports that arrest records show Thomas Lathrop of Sanford shot 31-year-old Frank Fort on Saturday at the family home.

According to the records, Lathrop’s wife, Juanita, told police her son went to sit on the front porch about 9:30 a.m. when Thomas Lathrop said, “Don’t you see me sitting here.”

Fort replied he sat there every morning before work. Lathrop then got up and fired a single round at Fort’s legs.

While Fort was running away, Lathrop fired two more shots, shattering Fort’s pelvis. That bullet lodged in Fort’s stomach, causing life-threatening injuries.

Fort was in critical condition Saturday.

Lathrop was being held without bail at the Seminole County Jail.