Pet Store in ‘Rocky’ Movie Torn Down

Apr 21, 2017 37

The pet shop featured in the film Rocky has been demolished.

FOX’s Michelle Pollino reports:

“Hey, how’s my buddy doing today? Yo Butkus!”

A Philadelphia pet shop that was featured in the film ‘Rocky’ is gone:

“The last turtle food I got here had more moss in it then flies.”

The pet store in the films that made Sylvester Stallone famous has been demolished:

“And these moths they get caught in the turtles throat right back here and it coughs. And I gotta smack them on the back of the shell and what do you think they get?”

A tour guide was taking a group there Thursday ……READ MORE

Admiral Bill McRaven On the Importance Of Making Your Bed

Apr 21, 2017 39

Former Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, Chancellor of University of Texas System and author,of “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life & Maybe the World”, Adm. Bill McRaven joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the book based on a commencement address he gave at the University of Texas in 2014 which retraces his SEAL training experience and missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The speech, which has become a viral sensation, inspired many chapters of the book, including the opening chapter which details how SEAL instructors mandated that his bed was made each morning and the ……READ MORE

Major Travel Problems During San Francisco Power Outage

Apr 21, 2017 43

Power is being restored for tens of thousands of people in California’s Bay Area.

FOX’s Jessica Rosenthal reports:

More than 90,000 customers were without power for much of Friday morning. The fire department responded to a fire at a substation and they’re investigating to see how that’s connected to the outage.

At one point that about 20 people were stuck in elevators, but everyone was rescued.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit System said they were still able to operate, but they had to install generators at one station before using it again. The outage temporarily made it too dark for people exiting the trains ……READ MORE

President Trump: “Big Announcement” Coming on Tax Reform

Apr 21, 2017 39

President Trump signing an executive order on tax rules on Friday.

FOX’s Jon Decker reports from the White House:

During a signing of that executive order on tax rules at the Treasury Department, President Trump said he would have a major tax reform announcement next week:

(President Trump) “We’ll be having a big announcement on Wednesday having to do with tax reform. The process has begun long ago, but the reform will begin on Wednesday.”

The new executive order calls for a review of significant changes to the tax code in the past year and half to determine whether they impose what the White ……READ MORE

‘Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today’ to Celebrate Prince

Apr 21, 2017 10

Prince fans are celebrating the life of the musician on the anniversary of his death.

FOX’s Michele Pollino reports:

Celebration 2017 kicked off Thursday evening, the four day festival in Minneapolis honors the life and legacy of Prince, one year after the superstars death by gathering at Minnesota sites he made famous. His home and studio Paisley Park will be the centerpiece of events. It opened as a museum in October.

The weekend celebration features performances by former Prince bandmates, panel discussions and First Avenue, the club featured in Prince’s film “Purple Rain,” will be the scene for dance parties throughout the weekend ……READ MORE

Investment Fund Providing Financing for Health Care

Apr 21, 2017 9

It’s a million dollar investment fund that provides financing for health care in the developing world.

FOX’s Carole Zimmer reports:

This fund wants to do good and make money at the same time. The Global Health Investment Fund has two requirements when it comes to choosing which companies to put money into, according to president Curt Labelle:

(Labelle) “We have to make sure that we’re only backing products that can be used in the developing world and that can hopefully also generate positive financial returns.”

GHIF has also invested in a company that developed an oral vaccine for cholera. So ……READ MORE

Controversy Over a South Carolina Political Ad

Apr 21, 2017 4

Controversy over a political ad and a U.S. House seat in South Carolina.

FOX’s Jeff Monosso reports:

South Carolina Republican Sheri Few, a candidate for a U.S. House seat, says she won’t remove a campaign ad in which she stands in front of an American flag holding a rifle, saying:

(Few) “Weak politicians are too quick to blame a horrible tragedy on a flag or a gun and even free speech – and that’s how bad laws are made.”

The pastor of a South Carolina church, Emanuel AME, where nine members were killed in 2015 in a racist attack, calls the ad distasteful.

Though Few ……READ MORE

NFL 2017 Schedule Released

Apr 21, 2017 9

Moving teams, new stadiums, rematches and rivalries highlight the 2017 NFL regular season schedule.

FOX’s Chris Hoenig reports:

The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL season kick-off on Thursday, Sept. 7. Commissioner Roger Goodell will be there for his first visit to Gillette Stadium since the whole Deflategate debacle.

Week 1 primetime games also feature the Giants taking on the Cowboys on Sunday night, the fifth time in six years they play each other in their season openers. The first Monday Night Football of the season is a doubleheader with the Vikings ……READ MORE

‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Features a lot of the Dark Side, ‘GTA Tiny Racers’ Releases New Content

Apr 21, 2017 15

Almost half a decade later, and the latest ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game is still putting out new content… and the Dark Side of the force will be a major part of the next ‘Star Wars’ game.

FOX’s Eammonn Dignam has the latest ‘FOX Bits’:

Your Insiders Cheat Code to gaming, I’m Eammonn Dignam.
Four years after it’s been released ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ is getting a new mode most people became aware of the game for it’s third person view and graphic violence…

The new mode is surprisingly retro and called ‘Tiny Racers’…

It will ……READ MORE

Mixed Reviews Over Starbucks’ ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’

Apr 21, 2017 11

Twitter serves up its honest opinion of a hot trending item.

FOX’s Krystin Goodwin has the details:

The Starbucks’ ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ has swirled up all kinds of buzz this week. The mango creme flavored-coffee-less drink is only available till Sunday.

While some say they love the punch of flavor, others are comparing the taste to “Pedialyte” or “Loud Sadness.” One man giving it a whirl in a Twitter clip:

(Man) “Oh… who lost a bet? That is disgusting.”

Starbucks barista Braden Burson going viral after losing his cool-talking about how he is sick of making the drink:

(Burson) “For the love of God and everything that ……READ MORE

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