HBO reveals 4 'Games of Thrones' spinoffs are in the works

May 5, 2017 39

Spinoffs are coming!

HBO has four “Game of Thrones” offshoots are in the works, which could allow the network to keep the wildly popular show running for years after the main series wraps up in 2018, Deadline Hollywood reports.

The premium cable channel has signed deals with four screenwriters — Max Borenstein (“Godzilla”), Jane Goldman (X-Men franchises), Brian Helgeland (“Mystic River”) and Carly Wray (“Mad Men”) — to work on the shows with author George R. R. Martin, who penned the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series that the TV juggernaut is based on.

The show’s creators Dan Weiss and David Benioff are slated to serve as executive producers on all four, but won’t do any writing, Deadline reports.

The shows will “explore different time periods of George R. R. Martin’s vast and rich universe,” the network told the site, but wouldn’t give much more away.

The seventh penultimate season of “Game of Thrones” premieres on July 16.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.

'Young And The Restless' star Greg Rikaart leaving show after 14 years

May 5, 2017 45

“Young and The Restless” star Greg Rikaart will bow out of the CBS soap after 14 years.

Rikaart shared news of his departure in an emotional post on Instagram.

“Fourteen years ago, I booked a two-week long gig on ‘The Young and the Restless,'” the actor shared. “In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined what it would turn into: a career-defining experience that has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment.”

Rikaart, who played villain-turned-good guy Kevin Fisher said he does not know what’s in store for his character.

“Playing Kevin and watching him evolve over the years has mirrored my real life in so many ways,” he wrote. “We both found love, both became dads and we both have more gray hair now than we did in 2003…it’s hard to know where he ends and Greg begins.”

The 40-year-old thanked his fans and his crew and cast mates on the long-running soap opera.

“I am sad to leave a place I hold so dear but also really excited about what the future holds,” he concluded. “The journey is just beginning.”

Debra Messing: I'm too famous to walk around NYC

May 5, 2017 50

Debra Messing said she’s too famous to walk around New York City.

“I will never get my anonymity back,” the actress whined to Haute Living New York. “I can’t walk through Time Square, and when I go to Broadway shows, it’s an issue.”

Messing said she catches a break in the winter when she can hide under a scarf or hat.

“In winter, when I have a hat on, a scarf wrapped around my face, and you can’t see the color of my hair, I can walk anywhere,” she explained.

Despite her struggle, the 48-year-old braves New York City because “I feel I’m part of humanity here.”

“In LA, everyone is in the same business. Here, you can’t go on a subway or walk the streets without bumping into people who are of a different race, religion or socioeconomic level. It makes me feel small in a way that feels healthy,” she shared.

Hugh Jackman dishes on romance with wife Deborra-Lee Furness

May 5, 2017 50

Hollywood actor and Broadway star Hugh Jackman knew exactly the moment when he won over wife Deborra-Lee Furness. And he can thank his talent for making it work.

“I think she probably first fell in love with me when I sang ‘You and I’ from the musical ‘Chess,’” the 48-year-old actor told Closer Weekly.

“Deb will still ask me to sing it for her at home, although she’s usually a bit tipsy,” he quipped.


Jackman told the celebrity news magazine that he first bonded with his 61-year-old wife while starring together on the 1995 Australian miniseries, “Correlli.” And even though Jackman wasn’t looking to settle down anytime soon, the growing chemistry proved undeniable.

“There was something that clicked between us right away,” said Jackman. “It was the feeling you get when you sense this connection that tells you this is the kind of woman you want in your life.”

Deborra-Lee previously brushed off comments that she is “lucky” to be married to the movie star.


“That to me is a putdown… I think we create our own desinty,” she explained to Australian Women’s Weekly in 2014, as reported by Us Weekly.

“When people look at my life, they don’t know the challenges [I face], just like I don’t know someone else’s [challenges],” added Deborra-Lee. “With every privilege, comes responsibility and challenges.”

The couple have been married for 21 years now and share two children.

Closer Weekly is currently on newsstands.

'General Hospital' star Kristina Wagner shows off bikini body at age 54

May 5, 2017 60

“General Hospital” star Kristina Wagner is feeling pretty confident these days.

The 54-year-old actress posed in a bikini for the first time ever for First for Women.


“Never in my life have I posed in a bikini or underwear before, but I didn’t mind because it’s not about ‘how do you get fit so you can wear a bikini’ — it’s about a lifestyle and having good body image,” Wagner told the magazine.

“I look my best if I focus on taking care of my whole self — mind, body and spirit,” she added.

However, the mother of two revealed that feeling comfortable in her own skin wasn’t always so simple.


“For years, I would easily attach to other people and what they thought,” explained Wagner. “But as I’ve become older, I’ve learned to honor myself, honor my feelings, own them and feel good about who I am. I don’t need to judge myself anymore.”

The new issue of First for Women is currently on newsstands.

'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Sheldon and Amy face a new challenge

May 4, 2017 56

[Spoiler alert! The following article contains spoilers from the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory”]

Sheldon and the gang can’t catch a break in the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” After what seemed like an enormous high, personal and professional struggles shook up the group’s living situation.

After Colonel Richard Williams tasked the boys with a nearly impossible endeavor, the genius power of Leonard, Howard and Sheldon prevailed and the group opened the episode toasting to their accomplishment. After a solid year of work, they were finally ready to field test – as Raj would constantly remind them, without him. However, their party was cut short the following day when they went to their top secret Air Force security lab to find that the U.S. government had seized their research and would be moving on without them. Despite their protests, Colonel Williams had shockingly little sympathy.

“As you know, the primary focus of the United States military is people’s feelings,” Williams quipped.

Completely distraught over losing all of that progress and the acclaim they thought they’d receive, the boys return home dejected. Sadly, their timing couldn’t be worse as Amy had just shared with the girls (and Raj) that she was offered a research fellowship at Princeton for the summer. Obviously, it’s a great and important opportunity for her, but she’s worried what the time apart would do to Sheldon. In an effort to goad her into breaking the news, Penny suggests she brings it up as soon as the upset trio walks into the apartment. Instead, Amy opts to reveal that Raj will be moving into Burt’s garage and out of Leonard and Penny’s hair.

The following day, Amy tries to brace Sheldon for the big news by making him his favorite oatmeal… plain. The ruse doesn’t work and she’s forced to tell him the truth. Although he’s visibly shaken by the thought of being without her, he constantly reminds her that it’s a big opportunity that he wouldn’t want her to turn her back on. Still, she can’t help but notice he’s acting funny – even for him.

Penny and Bernadette side with Amy, arguing that if the roles were reversed, Sheldon would be on the first train to New Jersey.

“Second if there’s teens on the first,” Penny notes.

While Amy gets her pep talk, Leonard and Raj find Sheldon playing “sad harmonica” in the vacant third-floor apartment. Leonard takes a moment to remind his friend that his oddities often make him an unsupportive boyfriend, the subtext being that he should toughen up for Amy’s sake. Heeding the advice, albeit a bit too enthusiastically, Sheldon returns home with a new luggage bag for Amy’s trip, metaphorically green lighting her research gig.

“The salesman said it can survive a plane crash,” he remarks. “So… perhaps you should ride inside of it.”

Realizing this is one of his last nights with Amy, Sheldon acknowledges that, while it’s not her birthday, he’d like to engage in “frenzied lovemaking” with her. The very articulate and clinical cries of their passion interrupt Raj’s final goodbye and thank you to Leonard and Amy in the hall as he finally returns the key to their apartment.

The episode ends with Sheldon walking Amy outside as they question what life will be like for him, living on his own for the very first time.

“What if I become strange and eccentric?” he wonders.

Ashley Graham on why she chose to abstain from sex

May 4, 2017 43

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie Ashley Graham didn’t always have it easy when it came to love.

The 29-year-old plus-size model and body activist got candid about dating in her upcoming book, “A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like,” which is set to be released on May 9th.

The June issue of Glamour Magazine published an exclusive essay from her memoir where Graham described her romantic woes as an up-and-coming model.


“Four months into our knowing each other, my now husband, Justin (Ervin), said, ‘I really like you, and I really want to be your boyfriend. Will you be my girlfriend?’ I said yes,” explained Graham. “But the truth is, I wasn’t sure. One reason: Our first kiss was terrible (To this day Justin says I’m the worst kisser he ever met and that he had to teach me how to kiss).”

As for the other reason, Graham revealed when she started dating at age 16, her first boyfriend of three months broke up with her because she wouldn’t have sex with him said she was going to be as fat as his mom. This resulted in Graham dating anyone who found her attractive for a much-needed self-esteem boost.

“I lost my virginity to a guy I barely knew because he gave me compliments like, ‘Ashley, you look really pretty today,’ or ‘I like when you wear your hair like that,’” she said. “When I left Nebraska to start my modeling career in New York City, my dates followed a similar pattern: A guy took me out, then we had sex, then I wouldn’t hear from him again.”


Graham decided to join a church where she encountered someone who asked her out, but only proved to be another major disappointment. So when it came to dating Justin, the couple chose to abstain so they could focus on their budding romance instead.

“My romance with Justin was innocent and sweet,” explained Graham. “He cooked for me. We went rollerblading and biking; we did karaoke, went to the movies, took an improv class together. Because we weren’t sleeping together — for Justin, abstinence was a firm commitment to his faith — we never tempted ourselves by going over to each other’s apartments late at night. But we’d go to late movies or take walks through the city together.”

Despite the many ups and downs Graham faced with her beau, including her grandmother’s initial disapproval of the biracial relationship, the couple endured — and the wait proved to be worth it all.


“When I was playing games, he called me out on it,” said Graham. “When we began dating, he did it with intention, always asking the difficult questions: ‘What do you bring to this relationship?’ and ‘What role do you see yourself in beyond girlfriend or wife?’ I wasn’t always sure how to answer.”

“I didn’t like my mom and dad’s marriage, but I couldn’t put my finger on why,” she added. “But thanks to Justin’s constant communication, I envisioned a marriage that was more than just two people loving each other. And now we have that marriage: a partnership dedicated to building something bigger than ourselves.”

The June issue of Glamour hits newsstands on May 9.

'Second Wives Club' star Shiva Safai talks 33-year age gap with her man, dishes on Gigi and Bella Hadid

May 4, 2017 65

Shiva Safai is engaged to real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid — and she’s willing to share their ups and downs in front of cameras.

The 35-year-old model and entrepreneur is appearing in E!’s new series, “Second Wives Club” where she, along with three other celebrity wives, will chronicle what their high-profile relationships are really like. Safai spoke with Fox News about the couple’s 33-year age gap, and being welcomed by fashion’s It girls, her future stepdaughters Gigi and Bella Hadid:

Fox News: What prompted you to join a show like ‘Second Wives Club’?
Shiva Safai: If you had asked me five years ago, ‘Would you do a reality show?’ I would have said, ‘There’s no way.’ But having friends on different reality shows [made me see] it can be a great platform, and with the right show it would be a fun experience… It just felt right and it would show [viewers] the new modern family, the blended family and our everyday struggles.

A post shared by shivasafai (@shivasafai) on Mar 15, 2017 at 4:26pm PDT


Fox News: How did you and Mohamed Hadid meet?
Safai: It was just one of those random days. I met with a girlfriend and we went to have lunch. Mohamed was there waiting for his friend and it was an instant attraction. I don’t know if it was his piercing blue eyes that attracted me, but I just found him very different and intriguing. We connected on Facebook after that… He then asked me out on a date and it was just an instant chemistry. Everything felt so right and it was so comfortable. It was so easy… and I felt that we met each other at the right time in our lives.

Fox News: What’s your relationship like with Mohamed’s daughters Bella and Gigi?
Safai: Going into a relationship with someone who has kids, you don’t just wanted to get accepted by him, but also by all of his kids. I’ve been very blessed, honestly, to be welcomed into the family, not only by Gigi and Bella, but by all his kids. I’m truly grateful for that.

Fox News: When did he proposed?
Safai: He proposed two years later. We went to Bali and it was New Year’s Eve… As soon as we finished dinner, he pulled up my chair and said, ‘I need to have a talk with you.’ I really thought I had done something wrong! He then started tearing up and the rest, honestly, I can’t remember because I was balling. I was crying so much. And then I saw the ring and I was crying even more. I don’t remember the words he was saying, but I know I said ‘Yes!’ It was exactly what I wanted.

Fox News: One of the challenges you will tackle in the show is how Mohamed has taken a more relaxed approach to setting the wedding date. Why do you believe he’s taking his time?
Safai: Being divorced myself, I understand. There’s a lot of fear, especially for him, who has had two divorces in his past… I think it’s the fear that things might change after we get married, so he’s very hesitant about that. He’s like, ‘I just don’t want anything to change.’ I think its fear.


Fox News: Why address a personal issue in front of cameras?
Safai: I’ve been very honest with who I am. I’ve never tried to portray something different than what the reality is… I’ve just been very open and so has Mohamed. Why not do a show and share our life? Some people are also just so quick to judge and label you just because of your age gap, so I just felt that this will give the viewers a different picture. They can see how our relationship really is and how truly committed we are towards one another.

Fox News: Did Mohamed finally set the date?
Safai: Well, for that you’ve gotta wait and see the show! I can’t tell you that.

Fox News: What about children in the future?
Safai: I’ve learned in my past that trying to plan things never really worked out. I now go with the flow and whatever is meant to be, will be. If there’s kids in our future, that’s wonderful. If there isn’t, we’re both so content and happy with where we are in life that it’s not something we’re constantly bringing up.

Fox News: Let’s go back to that age gap. Does it bother you when people bring it up? 
Safai: It did in the beginning, just because I wasn’t used to it. It would bother me a lot, it would get to me. I felt like it was so mean for people to just judge you without knowing your journey… It used to bother me a lot, but then I realized I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I am who I am, my family loves and supports us… so the rest? That’s not my problem.


Fox News: How do you feel about being a third wife, a theme that the show tackles?
Safai: I never want to live up to someone else’s expectations or try to fill in anyone’s shoes. Clearly, they didn’t work out, right? At the end of the day, we truly respect each other and support each other’s decisions. I don’t know, we’re like two peas in a pod! So I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. As long as we’re happy and we’re both content, that’s all that matters.

“Second Wives Club” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on E!.

Ariel Winter: 'The way we are is beautiful'

May 4, 2017 51

Ariel Winter wants women to love their bodies.

The “Modern Family” star was attending a TV Academy event with her co-stars on Wednesday when she caught up with Entertainment Tonight and opened up about body confidence.

“Well, first of all, the way we are is beautiful. I mean, that’s who we’re supposed to be, you know? And also, at the end of the day, the only person you should be trying to make happy is yourself and not other people,” said Winter. “And I think that that’s the most important lesson we’ve all had to learn throughout the years. It’s definitely that pleasing yourself is most important before anybody else.”

The 19-year-old spoke has spoken out about experiencing body shaming in the past.

“We were criticized a lot. And I was criticized especially being the youngest girl out of the cast. And it was definitely hard,” she revealed. 

However, she credits her television family for helping boost her self-esteem.

“The show helped me a lot,” she said to ET. “I was surrounded by so many great people that were really supportive of me and really, you know, wanted me to thrive. And told me all the time that they believed in me and thought I should be confident and all those things.”

Winter previously revealed that she underwent breast reduction surgery in 2015.

She explained her decision to go under the knife to Glamour Magazine that same year.

“That’s pretty much all I was known for and that upset me. It made me feel really uncomfortable because as women in the industry, we are totally over sexualized and treated like objects,” Winter said.

Fox Reporter and FOX411 host Diana Falzone covers celebrity news and interviews some of today’s top celebrities and newsmakers.  You can follow her on Twitter @dianafalzone.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello fire back at cheating rumors

May 4, 2017 63

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are happily married, and they are sick of hearing rumors to the contrary.

The A-list couple lashed back at Star Magazine’s report that the “Modern Family” star cheated on her husband.

The cover of the tabloid mag had a picture of Vergara dancing with an unidentified man sans her wedding ring, and in bold the headlined read, “It’s Over!”              

Vergara and Manganiello expressed anger over the cover. They both took their social media accounts to speak out. 

The pair claimed the star’s wedding ring was Photoshopped out in the snapshot.

Manganiello wrote that “Star created a fake story…in order to sell magazines.”

Vergara also blasted the publication on Instagram, writing that she was snapped multiple times on the same night with her ring clearly visible. 

The 44-year-old starlet added that the man in the photo is the film producer for her upcoming movie, “Bent.” She stated he is a family friend who spent Easter at her home.

Vergara and Manganiello wed in November 2015.