Photo courtesy of the Columbus Fire Dept.

A downtown bakery suffered minor damage after a fire late Monday night. Capt. Mike Wilson, spokesman for the Columbus Fire Department, says that firefighters were called to the Sogno Della Terra Bakery, at 901 Washington Street, at approximately 11:15 p.m.

Wilson says that a passerby saw flames inside the storefront and called 911. Firefighters from nearby Fire Station 1, just two blocks away, arrived quickly to find a small fire visible on top of a glass display case just inside the entry door of the bakery. Wilson says that the business was closed, so an entry team breached a glass door to enter and put the fire out with a small amount of water.

Investigators reportedly found evidence that a candle had been located on top of the class counter top near combustible materials. They are still working to determine if the candle was the cause of the fire. Wilson says that the fire damage was isolated to the display counter and a fluorescent light directly above the fire.

Damages to the bakery have been estimated at less than $5,000. No injuries were reported.