Less sports training tied to groin injury

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Less sports training tied to groin injury

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Groin injuries are common in sports requiring quick direction changes, acceleration and deceleration – and they’re even more common when athletes have less sport-specific training or weaker inner thigh muscles, researchers say.

Groin injuries are common in soccer, ice hockey, rugby, Australian rules football, Gaelic football and cricket, lead author Dr. Jackie L. Whittaker of the Sport Injury Prevention Research Center at the University of Calgary in Canada told Reuters Health by email.

Whittaker would advise athletes to “strengthen their hip adductor muscles and ease into their sport specific training in the off season so that they are ready to go once the actual training season begins,” she said.

Adductors are the inner thigh muscles.

Coaches and trainers can also add an injury prevention neuromuscular warm-up program before practices and games, such as the FIFA11+ (bit.ly/1nyDyqA). These can reduce lower extremity injury risk and improve aspects of performance, including balance, she said.

“The other issue to consider is load management, meaning properly balanced training and recovery schedule,” Whittaker said.

She and her coauthors reviewed 29 studies of the association between any potential groin injury risk factor or prevention strategy and injury rates among athletes. They included the hip flexors, adductors and bone-tendon junctions under the umbrella of “groin.”

They had completed a similar review seven years ago and included more recent studies in this update.

As reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the studies included a total of more than 12,000 athletes ages 12 to 41.

Previous groin injury, higher level of play in their sport, reduced hip adductor strength, and lower levels of sport-specific training all increased the risk of groin injury.

There is also evidence that heavier weight, taller height and hip range of motion are not associated with groin injury, although a small number of studies have found a connection.

“The process and exercises that one uses to increase the strength of their hip adductor muscles needs to be guided by a physical therapist or a strength and conditioning coach,” Whittaker said.

Not all groin pain is the same nor should be treated the same, she said.

The exercises and stages of the strength training process will vary based on your type of pain, your ability and strength, the specific sport you play, and your injury history, she said.

Athletes with a previous groin injury are at more than twice as likely to have a re-injury compared to those without a past groin injury, Whittaker said.

Another review of groin injury studies specifically among adult soccer players, published in the same issue of BJSM, found that groin issues may constitute up to 13 percent of all injuries, and they are twice as common among male soccer players than females.

“Hip/groin injury thereby qualifies among the ‘big four’ together with thigh, knee and ankle injuries,” said Dr. Markus Walden of Linkoping University in Sweden, the lead author of the second review.

“Professionals are probably more susceptible than amateurs owing to higher load,” he told Reuters Health by email. “Hip joint pathology might lead to future arthritis, but muscle-tendon injuries rarely cause long term problems in spite of having a recurrent tendency during the playing career.”

Britain’s Royal Couple Welcomes A Princess, And The Name Is…

May 4, 2015 491

Prince William and wife Kate naming their second child Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  And she’ll be known as Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Diana thought to be a nod to William’s late mother Princess Diana. Elizabeth a tribute to the current Queen, but it’s also Kate’s mother’s middle name. While Charlotte is also the middle name of Kate’s sister Pippa.

Here in Britain today — a 62-gun salute to mark the birth, at the Tower of London.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

Race For The 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination Heats Up

May 4, 2015 345

A former Silicon Valley CEO is now a Republican presidential candidate. Carly Fiorina makes her bid official. FOX News Radio’s Jared Halpern has more from Washington: Carly Fiorinia, the first woman in the Republican race, is casting her self as a political outsider in a short campaign announcement video. (Fiorina) “Our founders never intended us to have a professional political class. They believed that citizens and leaders needed to step forward.” Fiorinia has also made her gender a big part of her appeal, telling supporters and reporters Hillary Clinton can’t trumpet a war on women if she faces a woman. Like Clinton, Fiorina is forgoing a major campaign launch event. Instead, hosting an online town hall before stops in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In Washington, Jared Halpern, FOX News Radio. WATCH for more on this story: Another Republican setting his sights on the White House: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has planned an event in Detroit. FOX News Radio’s Jeff Monosso reports from Detroit: Dr. Ben Carson, a retired African American neurosurgeon rose to prominence politically by admonishing President Obama’s policies. He’ll announce his run for the White House this morning here in his hometown at Detroit’s Music Hall Center, where supporters and donors who’ve been nudging Dr. Carson to run will be cheering him on. Carson, who is new to politics, preempted his announcement by telling WKRC in Cincinatti that he is running. In Detroit, Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.

Junior Has An Emotional Win At Talladega

May 4, 2015 350

A popular NASCAR driver sheds tears of joy at Talladega. FOX News Radio’s Steve Rappoport has a race recap: Victory lane merged with memory lane on a sunny Sunday afternoon… (Race Call) “Earnhardt trying to cover all spots… Dale Earnhardt Jr…. checkered flag at Talladega!” The call on FOX Sports. Dale Earnhardt Jr. scoring an emotional first victory of the season at the Alabama track where his late father won ten times. (Earnhardt Jr.) “All I ever want to do was is him proud and I feel like that when we win at those tracks where he was successful, that’s exactly what we’re doing.” Junior led a race-high 67 laps in his sixth career win at Talladega. Jimmie Johnson finished second, followed by Paul Menard, Ryan Blaney and Martin Truex Jr. Steve Rappoport, FOX News Radio.

Agribusiness Council of Indiana Continues to Grow

Feb 2, 2015 959

The Agribusiness Council of Indiana gathered the best and brightest around the state last week to tackle major issues for agriculture in the year ahead.

The theme for this year’s ACI’s Conference was simple: big issues. big solutions.  As farmers are presented with challenges, so too are the businesses that serve their operations says President Beth Bechdol.

“This is an opportunity with this program where we get to kind of showcase and put all of those issues on the table and let the agribusiness community in Indiana kind of debate, talk about, learn about what those issues have as far as impact on their businesses.”

From sustainability to innovation, Bechdol says agribusiness can be a juggling act.

“How do you manage through all of them? Because, right? They’re not all independent of one another and we’re not just dealing with one of them. We’re dealing with all of them, hitting us, drinking from the fire hose all at the same time.”

Bechdol says the ACI challenged each of their guest speakers not only to address industry issues, but to think creatively about solutions to the problems.

“It’s what do we need to do collectively? Not just as agribusiness, but with farmers, with our customers, with other parts of food and agriculture, with policymakers to figure out how we work more proactively through each one of these so they don’t feel like burdensome, cumbersome, ‘oh my gosh, the industry is under attack.’ We’re trying to really flip a lot of these issues around and focus on how we capitalize and take advantage of finding solutions to work through them.”

Five years ago, this conference drew right around 93 people. Bechdol is proud of the immense growth and willingness to collaborate in recent years – this year’s conference drew over 400 people from all facets of agriculture.

“We’ve really retooled, re-crafted, rebranded a lot of ways this particular conference to make it interesting and accessible and to have information that’s impactful for everybody in food and agriculture.”

Creating discussions for all sides of agriculture really took form this year with a market panel, discussions from Chris Novak at NCGA and even a talent pipeline session that showed agribusinesses what young talent is doing to mold themselves for the future of the industry.

You can get more information at www.inagribiz.org.

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